A Note from The Founder, Drew Isler

It all started with records. Vinyl records. There’s something so amazing about a vinyl record that simply can’t be beat, and to me, epitomizes the true sense of the word classic. Different ways of recording and distributing music will continue to come, but it will always come back to vinyl in the end. There’s simply no substitute.  

I like to use the analogy that a favorite record is like a favorite book; a download on itunes or kindle just isn’t enough. You want it in the physical form, see it, touch it, and enjoy it in the flesh. The physical form even takes on an art of it’s own, symbolizing a connection and feeling you have with the art within it’s walls.

Ever since I visited my first vinyl shop many years ago I was addicted. I couldn’t stop collecting vinyls, and, I know I’m not the first person that this has happened to. There’s a legion of vinyl lovers out there that just understand. I loved some vinyls so much, I felt the need to frame them and hang them in my apartment. They were simply art I wanted around me all the time. And, they make for great conversation pieces when friends came to visit. For someone that loves to talk music, it was fantastic.  

The idea of First Dance Vinyl didn’t come until I went to my first wedding after college. My freshman roommate and best friend Taylor was marrying Kelly, another great friend we met in college. Like many people feel when going to weddings, I knew I had to get them a gift, but had no idea what that gift should be. I wanted to get them something more personalized and special, something not off the registry, but nothing was coming to me.

And then, just as they began their first dance as a married couple, I started thinking about how great their first dance song was (“Stand by Me” by Ben E King). Naturally, as a vinyl collector (and a bit selfishly), I thought how cool that song would be on vinyl and made a mental note to track it down to add to my personal collection. But then, I snapped out of my own selfish vinyl desires and realized I shouldn’t get it for me, I should get it for them! It’s their song anyways! That could be the personalized and special gift that I give to them! And, better yet, I could frame it for them so they could hang it in their house to remember for as long as they want! That is how it started. Every wedding I went to afterwards I knew exactly what gift I was going to give, and it has been a hit every time.

Last summer, when I was visiting Taylor and Kelly, I told them I was thinking about turning the concept into a business; helping people find the perfect wedding (and anniversary) gift by offering the full-shop service of tracking down a couple’s special song on vinyl, custom framing it, and ship it to them or their recipient. Right then and there, Kelly (a graphic designer) created our website and logo, and we had ourselves a business! And, she’s now our Director of Brand and Web Creative!

We’re very proud that in our first year of business we’ve already helped hundreds of customers give the perfect wedding gift, anniversary gift, valentine’s day gift, christmas gift, or just whatever gift! And, it has made us all feel good to do. We’re so excited to continue to bring our service and product to more and more people as the company continues to grow. Through this blog, we hope to keep you informed about our services and also provide some great content related music, weddings, love, and of course, vinyl!!! But, more of that to come soon!

Welcome to our blog!