The indie genre can reach the sweetest of souls. These songs are for those who may not want to stick to classics, are looking for something a bit quirky, and for those who found love in music. Here is our top 10 list for the best indie first dance songs:

“Still Together” by Mac Demarco

Demarco’s dreamy love song was written for his long-term partner, Kiera, who inspires much of his music. This song is perfect for a first dance at any wedding as it shows the beauty in a long relationship and how it can continue to flourish over the years.

“Do You Realize” by The Flaming Lips

This song highlights the overwhelming perfection of any partner. “Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face…”. This song also notes the mortality of life but how it can be lived fully and beautifully once in love.

“It’s Real” by Real Estate

We. Love. This. Song. Real Estate creates beautiful indie pop songs with jangly notes making this a perfect first dance song. “It’s Real” celebrates life and love in three minutes.

“You and I” by Wilco feat. Feist

Wilco writes about life in its entirety, “You and I” off their first album Wilco, details the ups and downs of a relationship. It primarily focuses on the honeymoon phase of any relationship, but this love lasts forever even when times get tough.

“You and Me” by Mild High Club

Although short, Mild High Club gave us a sweet tune that fits into all love stories. This song has a dreamy synth sound that gives a modern yet indie first dance song.

“Best I Can” by Michael Cera feat. Sharon Van Etten

An amazing indie song with tight synth sounds. Although known for his acting, Cera created a sweet love song about a couple with immense love for eachother. The vocals are so beautiful hearts will melt with the use of this song.

“Lil Thing” by Knox Fortune

If you’re having a summer wedding, we highly suggest “Lil Thing”. The story tells of a couple that love greatly, they turn to one another when times get hard. Fortune, an artist out of Chicago, was brought to the top with this single. The perfect song for all weddings.

“It’s No Wonder” by James Swanberg

This new song by rising Chicago musician, James Swanberg, is a fun and short love song that discusses the obviousness of how two people are in love. “It’s no wonder we’re together / oh cause there’s no one I like better”. This sweet song brings a smile to any couples face.

“Across the Multiverse” by Dent May feat. Frankie Cosmos

These two tell the story of an extraterrestrial love. It is sweet and danceable with a sweet message - worlds may be different but love always finds a way.

“You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me” by She and Him

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward seem to have released this cover with love on the mind however tumultuous it may be. The original song by The Miracles was turned into a somewhat melancholy indie song by She and Him making it a beautiful yet realistic song about how love can be difficult but rewarding.

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