Obviously, we are all about weddings and wedding gifts, however, we can't only love our own product for any new couple’s gifts. We want to feature other great wedding gifts with a music twist that aren't just our own!

Image credit:  Glass Cannons

Image credit: Glass Cannons

Musical Toasting Flutes

These cute champagne flutes are perfect for couples that love music with a subtle note. Celebrate with a nice glass of champagne and great music

Image credit:  Wedding Mood Art

Image credit: Wedding Mood Art

Clef Napkin Ring

Again, another subtle gift with a clef flair. This gift is classy and can be used for any occasion the new couple has because it shows what they love without being distinctly themed for a holiday or event.

Image credit:  Wood Envy Dot Com

Image credit: Wood Envy Dot Com

Musical Notes Cutting Board

A practical gift with a twist! Not only can this cutting board be personalized with the names of the couple, but it is on one of the latest crafting trend of laser engraving. Cute, current, and cutting edge!

Image credit:  Musings on Momentum

Image credit: Musings on Momentum

First Dance Sound Waves

What goes best with our pieces from First Dance Vinyl? First dance sound waves! Our art and this art compliment each other perfectly. This gift is fun and unique, another modern way to celebrate every couples first dance!

Image credit:  Apple Brides

Image credit: Apple Brides

Music Sheet Candles

These DIY candles help bring comfort to every new couples home. It is homey and very fitting for all music loving couples. Plus, it is homemade which helps show your love for the new couple.